In this sequel to the first full-length movie, Ryan Reynolds is back in the role of Wade Wilson, the tough guy from special forces who became terminally ill, and was offered a new existence, and thus the creation of the character that is Deadpool. Morena Baccarin continues to play the role of his attractive, loyal and a fighter of a wife.

The movie has not been directed by the same director Tim Miller who produced the first Deadpool, but rather by David Leitch who has movies like Atomic Blonde as Director and John Wick as Producer in his credits. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are back as the screenplay writers alongside Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza as character writers.


Ryan Reynolds is not new to sarcasm or funny commentaries in his movies. He has worked in The Proposal (2009) with Sandra Bullock, The Change-Up (2011), RIPD (2013), Van Wilder (2002) and several other comedies in the role of a smart-mouthing character. That is why the character seems to fit him well.

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This sequel repeats the basic idea of the original Deadpool. Deadpool, as the main character of the movie as well, depicts a sort of regular but sarcastically funny nature, that is the antihero if that´s the name for it. The character is standard in a sense he seems to demonstrate lots of human qualities such as humour, signs of weakness which include his fight with cancer, his disgust for some things and yet his care for people and a desire to help them. He also shows varying super-heroic dimensions such as a desire to protect humanity alongside his mercenary like actions and lead-pipe using cruel and cold personality.

It is the human side of him, I believe, and the suffering that makes him likeable to the people. Also, all people would also like to feel how he makes them feel for a little while as they enjoy this movie; the power to self-heal and fight crime while smart-mouthing everyone despite having a face that he cannot even show in public. Eventually, he is accepted as a hero in the anti-hero disguise.


This sequel to the Deadpool is designed to receive some good response from people who liked the super/anti-hero from the first movie, so the human side and the dark humour must continue. However, to maintain the interest of the action lovers, they had to bring along some other idea, not necessarily a new idea but something that sparks the need for extraordinary action, or introduction of a new villain, which arrives in the form of a super-human from the future determined to change the future by eliminating the smart-mouthing threat to the darker side, that is, Deadpool.

So, if you are looking for what you enjoyed in the first Deadpool, you won´t be disappointed. It will fulfil all your needs to enjoy comments and situations full of irony and dark humour. Some of these ideas are already represented in the teaser trailer that shows the superhero´s need to hide his personality and thus the costume failure, or his commentaries after his failure to arrive to stop something bad from happening, that is, the light-hearted comments in a dark situation. Also, your need to enjoy action will be met with thrilling and scintillating fight scenes.


By now every Deadpool fan knows that this movie is restricted for adult viewing. While it is a fact a lot of kids below 18 years of age may have watched it, as a parent you may want to keep a close eye on your younger kids. The language is definitely going to be adult and so might be some other thing you see.


In such a movie where your hero/anti-hero takes up much of the fun away from the villainous characters, there is little left for these villains to do but demonstrate their strength, power and possibly some weakness till their demise.

However, the movie is still entertaining, at least for adults, for all that is around or due to the main character by himself, Mr Deadpool.

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